What is love

but a definition that changes?


A smiling child,

smiling because of you.


Warmth, bathed in light.

A secret with no words,

and a badge of honor you wear on your heart

for the life you have lived.



The Drunk

my thumb hurts now, and I don’t know why

breath seems harder,

I feel older

and I’m dry inside.

I’m scribbling these words

Not writing.  Not painting.

I’m not even poetic right now.

I had fun last night.

Is that what fun is to me now?

When I was 11 I’d ride my bike over huge dirt jumps.

I’d collect things.

I’d watch my mom make dinner.

My world has changed.

I have changed it.

I am responsible

and I am the drunk.

I’m going to build something out of wood soon.

I’m going to drink some water.

Breathe fresh air

Go outside


Kiss my girlfriend

Call my girlfriend

Daydream about something wonderful

Understand myself, and everything I want to do.  Better.

I know you’ll never understand the drunk

I only just barely do and never all the time.

I’m a maniac.

It’s crazy

The world is a funny place (smiley face)

What the hell is the role of the drunk?

Catholic Rubble

To fuddle in the muddle  –

of forgotten Catholic rubble –

can be disheartneing.

When faith becomes mistake

And even dogs are deemed as Saints

there should be parting.

but as Heretics do say

“I could find another way”

if they’d only let me teach you.

And the imbroglio then births,

another Future’s search

to drive the faith to reach you


What is pure panic?

The fox and the rabbit

Of course he can grab it

The rabbit can panic.


Panic is still foriegn to me but I’m sure its

nothing like a picnic.

At a picnic there are straw baskets and


Now a panic at a picnic

Now that would be funny.


I don’t think I ever want to panic

Like pure Panic.

Like the rabbits

who spend most of their day panicking

when I go picnicking.


Much too stressful that thing panicking

I don’t even know how to spell panicking

Why do men call their ladies when their drunk?


Why do they get drunk when they call their


This isn’t something that started in the eighties…

Or responded to with “hmmmms” or “maaybies”…

The lonely fool = man

I have been there.

I AM here, writing this poem.

Beautiful girl within a touchtone’s reach.

I want to call you but I don’t don’t know what to say.

I went fishing today.

Wahoo.   Send in the Clowns.  I will now join them

Then you can have him.

I’m an honest fool.

A man and a Grand Fool.

I will be there for you.

When I know you better–  I’ll be

attached by a chain.

Give you everything…

that I can offer.

pick up the phone.

Let me know that you’re love is pure.

it’s all that matters

it feels so good–

i will squeeze you tender like a good man should.

Why do men call their ladies drunk?

Because we don’t submit. Unless we need it.

And that’s bullshit.


stay a while with me

you lift my troubles off the tickled earth

and fill the cracks where darkness hides

glimmer and ride

dance while you still have time

and creeping backwards say goodnight

with a fantastic grand finale

you are made of many things

and when together, light

But when alone, piece by piece

your the fingertips of god

carving silohettes

you define a mountain to me

shine on be free goodnight,

and I’ll see you in the morning.

Plane Flight – Sacramento to Fogtown

Plane Flight

Sacramento to Fogtown

Halooooo! From up in the


Theres airplane flight

in plain sight.

And you’d never believe I’m

part of it.

I was speaking to the natives

there, but everybody too.

Look down at the clouds!

look at em down there.

This kid behind me says,

“Are we landing?” and earlier

screaming. “Mom can you see our

shadow. ‘Mom can you see the

planes shadow. Mom.”


I’d like to ring his little


for yelling.

But I know he’s just a kid.

“Are we landing mama?”

Are we landing?”

Captain: “Well folks were

only about 100 miles



“Mama. I think we’re going to

start descending.”

Damn kids are going to be so

smarter than I ever will be.

Not this one though.

Still foggy in Seattle.

And it was foggy when I left.

They should rename Seattle Fog


“Are we landing mama? Are

we landing?

Now to the point –

riding in the clouds

“Are we still landing now?

I was picturing earlier

the experience of dive

bombing through one.

Bodymissle  like.

The little shit is now

digging his legs into the

back of my chair.

Takes more patience.

But I know he’s just a kid.

I always fly w? My shoes


I am just a kid.

A big, hairy, and clumsier one

dive bombing the clouds I’m

riding through.

With a sad anticipation to

return to Fogtown.

Is the earth amazing

because it is? Or because

my brain is simply a

pea in comparison to it.

Are we landing?

Thoughts on a cruise

Garbled sound on a big ship floating in the ocean,

the horn’s gonna blow any minute now

and I could’ve gone back to the room

with the girl from Colorado.

There is no land in sight

our company is the dolphins, and we

probably shouldn’t even be here, polluting

their waters

this morning though, when i saw them

playing with the boat. we seemed to be

bringing them joy.

not much is really our fault.

we didn’t put the rock-n-roll genes in

our jeans

or make the elements that make us drunk.

So glad I didn’t go to bed with the

girl from Colorado now.

I will take a moment to appreciate her though.

much worse today could’ve been.

These blue seas would be disgusting.

The whole wide ocean filthy with sewage.

the dolphins would’ve sucked.

and the whole trip lengthened.

memories on the sea tarnished

and strange feelingsworse than prison walls for the rest of

my life.

out here the earth looks like a planet.

damn that’s a lot of water.