exactly… what i feel like



Jack Kerouac (Hero)

I could flip to any page, in any book, written by Jack Kerouac and pick any sentence and read any two words and I could feel something that I’ve felt my entire lifeunconsiously and deeply.  it would be everyday unspoken beauty moments.  Jack always thought it was sad.  But nonetheless, they are things I never knew how to pinpoint.  Fearless Jack Kerouac.  Sailed with no map.  Burning and Drunk.  Human Writer.  failed Island.  And Cat lover.    Godblessyoujack and you’re courage to share.  Dr. Sax.  Cassidy.  the mexican girls.  the Dharma. the tea thehonestsexand the poor boys.  the trains  You hid yourself in your stories, but not to anyone who was paying attention.  You, the Gem.

Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) – (Hero)

Oh Bob.  You have written my favorite song ever.  (I’ll Keep it With Mine)   And you are so funny.  You make people laugh.  I found out yesterday that the word zimmer in Hebrew means song.  That makes you Bob Songman.  And yet, you changed your name to Bob Dylan.  I thank you for your teachings.  You are my favorite teacher.  (Mr. Gala from High School is a distant second.)   Thanks Bob.  That’s all I’ll say because I know you don’t care anyways.  Your mind is where your mind is.   Bob Dylan, the Songman… a hero of mine.

The James Webb Telescope Mirrors

These are the new mirrors that are going into the new James Webb Space Telescope.  Pretty spiffy.  The JWST will replace Hubble in 2018 and be much more powerful than its predecessor that we love so much (thanks Hubble!)  The JWST will be able to see the first galaxies that formed in space!  That’s crazy!  The JWST will float in orbit about a million miles from earth.


Hubble Images!         http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album/