Event Horizons

Here’s what they are… this is as real as you are.  Doesn’t sound like we quite understand it yet but here’s our best guess.

The event horizon is the spherical surface that marks the boundary of a black hole.  THis is the region where the gravitational force overcomes the speed of light.  Its size is the radius to which a given spherical mass must be compressed in order to transform it into a black hole — the radius at which time and space switch functionally.  whaaaaa?

Once inside the event horizon, it is impossible to escape (disagree).  Nothing can prevent an object from hitting the singularity, or center, of a black hole, once that object has entered the horizon.  The event horizon is a “point of no return”.

Elephants on Mars

a lava flow on mars that looks like an elephant.  published today, discovered and researched very recently.  this is modern day Colombus stuff but who’s really paying attention?  so an elephant on mars?  a jesus christ on piece of cheese or a virgin mary in the ice cube.  so what’s the big deal?

the big deal is.. that patterns in the universe are worth paying attention to.  that is all we are.  all that separates humans from the other species closer to us is the neo-cortex’s ability to process patterns.  river deltas look like vein structures in your body.  The Fibonacci ratio appears in the branching of trees, and the arrangement of leaves on a stem and a flowering artichoke.    I’m not sure what it all means, but I think the code of the universe is  written in there somewhere.  Clues in universal patterns.  Physics and the laws of the universe worth noting.  Our ability to comprehend these patterns (like the text you’re reading right now) is what makes us human.  So when I see an elephant smiling at me from Mars that is made out of a Martian lava flow.  Well i don’t know, what do you think?

Planet Aurora


Planet Aurora

So, for those who are even farther north than us, or at least a way from the city lights of Seattle, there has been a spectacular show of aurora borealis happening recently. And it will continue. Check out Göran Strand of Östersund, Sweden, panoramic photo of Tuesday night’s sights wrapped into a 360-degree composition titled “Planet Aurora.” Probably worth driving to Mt. Vernon for. Shit from the sun interacting with our atmosphere.

The James Webb Telescope Mirrors

These are the new mirrors that are going into the new James Webb Space Telescope.  Pretty spiffy.  The JWST will replace Hubble in 2018 and be much more powerful than its predecessor that we love so much (thanks Hubble!)  The JWST will be able to see the first galaxies that formed in space!  That’s crazy!  The JWST will float in orbit about a million miles from earth.


Hubble Images!         http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album/