New Bubble Bobble High Score


So f’ing close to breaking a mil.



My what a beautiful game.  Combining skateboarding and 80’s and 90’s arcade games is a sure way to get my attention.  The joystick revolves only in a 360 degree direction.   So no up, down, left, right.  Super fun.  Ramps.  Downhill courses.  Skate or Die!!!!!!

High Score: 76980

Metal Score: 53

Super Bubble Bobble


Bub and Bob.  Blowing bubbles to save their little midget dinosaur girlfriends.  Robbed by mechanical wind up toasters.  Along the way Bub and Bob drink beer, eat cucumbers, watermelons, and turnips, sushi, and conch shells, red crosses, lightning bolts, flans, eggs, martinis and ice cream cones.   And so much more.

High Score: 671610



It all started here folks.  Little Jerf with a very basic controller.  Those of you who played remember.  Well, my love affair with the little space ship “Vaus”, and a passion to eliminate bricks is definitely back in full swing.  Do do do…  doo di dood do.


High Score: 178280