Beetle Bailey.  Last week in Beetle Bailey (usually a pretty straight forward lame comic about the army… right?) got all psychedelic.  I was excited.





and then there is this little gem.  Seattle resident’s only.  This is vulgar.  And is not allowed many places.  it crosses the line. Yes, I blurred the member.  The real comic is a chicken with a  (hrumpf…  (ahem. ) well…

from chicken w/ penis…


Song Ideas From the World

When the World was asked “what should I write a song about?”   These we’re the results….


The economy and how people have lost it all

Write a song about some harships that you have been through

ode to Battlestar galactica

Traffic accidents

A future, where people are divided by there race, eye color, hair color, sexual orientation, etc etc

Waiting for a train at the bus station

Bananas go crazy
About people sticking more and more to their computers and losing contact in the physical world to each other.

world of warcraft online is taking control of peoples minds

One of your neighbors seems to be leading an interesting life and you are driven crazy trying to figure out what’s up with him/her.

Coffee Enemas

A song about what football widows due from September until January
The time/space continum

being happy for friends who are newly engaged

This tune came out of the air and I can’t get it out of my head

living out your childhood fantasy

a clever song naming products that are no longer available (Eidsel, stagecoach, floppy disks, milkcans, etc.)

Try to write songs for a revolutionist and make it a album

Girl Running from a Goblin to save her grilled cheese sandwhich

Put down your cellphone and observe life around you

A dark and unfamiliar place is frightening. You have to find a way out or seek out a lighted path.

An old girlfriend who comes back that you really hated after breaking up.

write about someone who is always there to help you out when you deel down

give me science fiction that doesn’t have a messiah to save us
zoo animals

A song about, just leaving your home and walking forward, never looking back

The lottery let me down

what has this world come to?

About how wonderful it would be if all the people in the world would to one little good thing for each other every day.

every star is a dead person in heaven

You are a young person who finds yourself always impatient about what comes next in your life. You want to grow up and find out what opportunities are really out there waiting for you and you just can’t wait to find out.

Oprah and George Clooney on Darfur – Janjaweed Rapists.

A song tying the rest of someone’s life back to high school

Sporks…yes…the spoon/fork combination

wishing the rain/trouble would go away

You’ll come back as a cockroach, if you came back at all(and maybe I’ll squish you)

day in the life of your dog

a song using the names of tv shows that are no longer in primetime; shows that bring a warm feeling like Gunsmoke, Waltons, Seventh Heaven, Wild Wild West

get the idea from slum people and compose a song dedicated to them

a crazy three year old annoying his parents to get the new jonas brothers cd

Your dog cannot read your text messages and he still loves you

There is simple joy in living yet another day.

Dedications all built into one song from artists like Elvis,the beatles or ones we have lost early in life.

Instead of writing about love, write about how things didnt work out with somebody that you loved

Big brother isn’t here, but a billion little brothers are

girls who wear leg warmers

Wishing for what you already have

Flowers need manure to grow

What if…

About the joy of simple things.

we are all aliens and the animals are the people we are invading.

Somebody has stolen your identity and your song goes into all of the ways this is affecting your life.

A song about how a parent feels about their children

P.T. Cruiser. There’s a “little red corvet”, so why not?

a man wishing he could protect his girlfriend from her bad boss

Every day is exactly the same in jail(in church, in school, in heaven)

going to the World Series

a timeline of career changes including reasons for quitting – most people can relate

write family song .Consider family have mom,son and daughter.

An old woman liking a younger guy

Take that thing out of your ear and quit talking to yourself

It is best to let go of past hurts and go on with your life.

I noticed one day everywhere I went everyone had a cellphone checking text messages with their heads down or walking across a parking lot talking to no one. You are in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you is busy having a conversation on cellphone so everyone can hear their personal business. It is getting ridiculous. No one seems to look up or observe their surroundings anymore. No one knows how to peacefully ponder life because they are too busy checking, typing or talking on a piece of cold equipment.