(The Mighty) HELM’S ALEE

Before you watch this video.  Allow me an introduction to this band who hails as Helms Alee.  Ben, Dana, and Hoz.  Three pretty normal people if you ask me.  Humble as all hell.  If they would have sacrificed that they would be rich and famous by now.  And miserable.  I guess that’s my favorite part about this band, and you’ll get the idea watching here.  Let’s make these guys famous.  Or at least rich, they deserve it.  Ben also makes custom tube amps that rock the block as it should be rocked.  Check em out.



A shout out to the filmmaker’s and animators too!


Angelfield [official video]

Music Videos!!!  Directed by Jerf.  Yes, an amateur piece… but I had to use all this video for something, and it wasn’t worth converting it all.  It was captured from so many different pieces of equipment.  Plus this song is about an experience after partying with friends, so I loved sharing footage I had captured of us kicking back.