Comics 2.5

Old, unpublished comics… aged appropriately.



Beetle Bailey.  Last week in Beetle Bailey (usually a pretty straight forward lame comic about the army… right?) got all psychedelic.  I was excited.





and then there is this little gem.  Seattle resident’s only.  This is vulgar.  And is not allowed many places.  it crosses the line. Yes, I blurred the member.  The real comic is a chicken with a  (hrumpf…  (ahem. ) well…

from chicken w/ penis…



Dear Friends… I (ahem) I heard this guy Harry Cotter is going to do another series of comics in February.  For those of you who didn’t follow along last year, or for those of you who want to revisit last year’s set just click on the Comics tab to the right and choose First Batch.  Here’s a few from last year… follow along and comment in!  That was half the fun last year.